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"Thank you for visiting My Fantasy Football Guru or MFFG- provided to you by a very handsome Guru Conde' Butcher"

This site is a MUST for Rookies and novice players and is a real support to vets due to the LIVE ALERTS and basic news I post from all the other news sources or from what I personally see live. The WEBSITE is FREE and you have to register (FREE!!!) and allows you everything that the premium membership does except you cannot participate on the site like asking questions or comments- to have those privileges you must be a Premium Member which is 9.99 for the year. I had to increase the price due to demand. I'm on pace for ver 50,000 11,000 questions answered for 2013, up from 20,000 8,000 in 2012. If I answer more than 150 questions a day I can't write about fantasy football and this takes away from all of us. The apps on iPhone and Android markets are free for everyone and Premium is 9.99 USD. All members receive email and phone alerts LIVE for breaking news, injuries, and current situation to attack. The alerts tell you specifically what to do and who to grab because of a current situation. They are immediate, not later that day or night and they don't cover offensive lineman or other non-fantasy related spaghetti journalism. Rankings are released every Tuesday and then updated with the week's news on Saturdays, every week. There is Sleepers and Deep Sleeper Section Weekly Waiver Wire Pickups, Fan Duel Section to play each other each week, and Butcher Shop/Block for players that are doing well or doing poorly. Again, the website and all the features are FREE and registering is FREE!!!!!! If you want a Guru that does not care about you and your interests please go somewhere else- join another website as there are plenty available. You can follow Guru Conde' Butcher on Twitter @myFFguru.

If you need some references on ability or if MFFG is worth your time and investment, here you go: From The Android Market place by real end users giving 5 stars- over 500 5 star reviews.

  • I was 0 for a decade in fantasy football. Last season the guru guided me to my first championship. It's worth the price to constantly out coach everyone in my league. Buy it.
  • Simple app with really good info. Keeps me up to date on the latest news and injury info. It's a real time saver not having to follow it manually.
  • This app is awesome guru knows what hes talking about and he really does answer all the questions he cab. Really glad i downloaded this. Always good to get a second opinion. Plus notifies about crucial injuries as they happen. Thanks guru and good luck to all fantasy footballers unless ur playing me
  • I love the app and constant feed of breaking news! The unfortunate thing is that I don't want to share the app with people I know, because I don't want them to have the same advantage!
  • I would be lost without this app. Don't waste your time with other fantasy apps just get it.
  • Buy it! Don't tell a soul.
  • This will help you win! Hands down one of the best apps out there for info and advice.
  • 2nd year w/this app, just paid for the pay app and couldn't be happier! Thank you for being so dedicated to and for us!!!
  • Guru always answers questions...just give him time! Great app!
  • This app is amazing. Helped me win week 1 in both my leagues. This knows his stuff. Well worth the price.
  • This app should be outlawed if FF. Its just unfair to everyone without it lol
  • The info, rankings and questions answered are bonus. Best app by far out there!
  • My new favorite app!! Pro version lets you ask questions. I usually get a response with in minutes. It is absolutely free
  • All the other Fantasy help apps might be flashy, shiney, and cost more, but for price you WILL get you money's worth. Every one u play will curse your name because u picked up that sleeper before they could. Dpnt be stupid, buy this app.
  • Second year following the Guru; he lets you know about sleepers before they're even thought about on ESPN etc., injuries like 30 seconds after they happen, and what waiver wire p/ups to go for. Luckily, new app has been fine for me. Try it for a few weeks and see!
  • I kneel before u. Thanks. 1% for life.
  • Thanks Mr. Guru for fixing the bugs. One of the best apps I've ever purchased!
  • All hail the Guru!
  • Great FFball App... If you want current fantasy info With real waiver and player projection advise to win your league.. You need this App
  • Ssshh, just don't tell your friends about it so that you can keep all the good players for yourself. Muahahaha!
  • I have been playing FF for a long time and I have never seen anything like this. I get fast info and he's funny. Cant wait for the next Guru alert!
  • Used this app for the first time last season & I won both my leagues. As soon as they get info, they post it. Which I love. WORTH IT.
  • I don't want rate this high due to my league or anyone else using it. I want to keep this to myself. Great app praise the Guru!
  • Very good app, guy really knows his stuff and very helpful. Keep up the good work
  • You are spot on and Amazing!!! Thanks for the free app and please keep up the GREAT work!! Mad Respect
  • Had it since start of season, I have to say I really enjoy the info and even the rants! Don't tell anyone in my league, keep it a secret!
  • Great app. Fast, relevant updates and great tips with a little humor on the side. Can't ask for much more than that.
  • Giving 5 stars cause he answers e-mails and is honest without egotism - a true Guru! :)
  • Unbelievably helpful, especially for a free app. Helped me pick up Laurent Robinson at just the right time. Can't wait for next year!
  • This app is awesome. He helps me w tough choices every week. And easily accessible!!
  • Awesome site!!!! This is coming from Mississippi's Finest 2011 Superbowl Champion!...Thanks for the help Butcher!!! See ya next season!!!! ONE
  • Thanks for the great advice! This is a killer app, this guy knows what he's talking about and the info is always way ahead of any other sources!
  • Great insight. You helped me win my league last year. Thanks guru. This year you were excellent also. Just too many stud injuries. Peace!
  • The knowledgebase and player suggestions are dialed w/no bs hail mary rankings and guru's rants finish it off like a refreshing after dinner cocktail
  • Its close to crack- cocaine ... I fiend for more info, breaking news & advise. Can never get enough info... sorry got go the Guru just alerted !!
  • Sweet ginger brown I would give the app more stars if I could...can't wait for next seasons new features and conde...protected by the chosen ones and I am ONE!!!!!
  • Awesome app! First year trying out fantasy football and this app got me to the championship game in both my leagues!
  • I've got totally involved in the ff this year, luckily this app helps me keep track of any injuries. Very helpful!
  • Great info on players, especially if you can't spend hours dissecting team rosters for yourself. Updates throughout gameday on injuries, etc. Would highly recommend for other fantasy football enthusiasts! See you next year.
  • This one is the best for keeping current on injuries/hot players. Frequent updates make it an invaluable tool. Can't wait for the new one!
  • Best app on my phone!! No kidding a must have app for fantasy football.
  • Awesome app. First year playing FF and I went 10 - 4 regular season and am in the championship game this week, thanks MFFG!
  • This is the most updated and accurate ff app. out there. I'm undefeated because of the great info. Thanks MFFG
  • Best app I ever downloaded, I get injury updates faster than the players family's, weekly rankings and free agent reports. A must have-
  • THE Guru!!! Best kept secret, LET'S KEEP IT THAT WAY! Haha, I'm always a step ahead with this app! Conde's a really cool guy, made a twitter bc of him
  • Amazing... So much info and answered my email about who to start very quickly... Can add so much more if he chooses to or great as it is!!!
  • Great app I really enjoyed the updates that came weekly and daily...five stars for the guru.
  • Awesome app news comes in on my phone like I have a new text message. Very fast, get news almost before it happens with players and tells who to pick up
  • Definitely a good app, it is up to the minute updates and has helped me make some good picks and drops, and I'm 4-0 in my league..eff the haters!!!
  • Gives most up-to-date info before anywhere else, plus insightful/helpful advice. Awesome!
  • Gives great up to date info. A must have for any fantasy football player!
  • This guy really is the best. Im in the championship this season thanks to this APP ! And i usually think most apps suck
  • Second year following the Guru...rankings on point and gametime updates....if I wasnt cheap I would have the paid app...he answers almost everyone's questions. Easy to use interface. The Guru is the man. This app will give you an advantage no matter ur skill level. Ive been coaching since 1999.
  • Love this app. Used it last year with great success. It is now better than before. Look forward to receiving butcher barks for latest info. Thanks.
  • My go to app for fantasy help. Great information always up to date helped me make key pick ups and gave me an advantage in my league.
  • Please don't use this app... it is my personal secret! All kidding aside I have had no probs and lots of kudos to the guru! Very helpful.
  • Gives great advice. Always ahead of everyone else's updates. Now I pick up players 2 weeks before anyone else even hears about them. No need for a waiver wire! ;)
  • Awesome app. I think one other guy in my league is using, seems to beat to to the wire on Wednesday on and Saturday. Same coach same move dang-it !

And over 500 more 5 star reviews on Android/iPhone Markets...



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Rating Site and Thanks

Just wanted to say thanks for another year. As many of you have put down your FF obsession for the next few month, I just wanted to say there is always next year to regroup and re-think strategies. If you have a second to rate the app, it would be great. My devs put a NFL logo on the app video so Android removed my 680 ratings (4.2) and the 80K downloads. So if you want to rate, even if you did before, it would be appreciated. Good luck if your still fighting and we will be up and running for the next 2 weeks. Butcher

Murray Having Surgery On Hand

Hurry hurry..go get Randle and then Dunbar. Not sure what Murrays status is but usually tgey dont play with sutures in. Ill uodate more later.